How to Sell a House for Cash in 3 Steps

How to Sell a House for Cash in 3 Steps

f you’re looking for ways to sell a house for cash, odds are you’re a homeowner who wants to sell fast. Don’t assume that selling your home with a professional real estate agent or broker is the only way to sell your home. There are multiple ways to sell a house for cash thanks to the recent rise in popularity of iBuyers, and a cash home sale is a perfect solution for a variety of financial and personal situations, including...
Pros and Cons of Cash Home Buyers

The Pros and Cons of Cash Home Buyers in San Antonio

Despite 6 percent commission fees, sellers still view real estate agencies as the most trustworthy method of selling their homes, but is that finally changing? With the rise of online buyers and iBuyers, homeowners are slowly warming to the idea of selling their homes without a realtor. Online buyers and iBuyers typically pay cash, the process is simple, and closing is fast; it’s no wonder these companies are gaining popularity.
Help with Foreclosure

Can Homeowners Find Help with Foreclosure After Waning COVID Relief?

With federal assistance expiring across the country, homeowners who relied on pandemic hardship relief are now reckoning with up to 16 months of collected mortgage payments, and many are wondering what options exist for debtors that still need help with foreclosure. While forbearance is a temporary solution, it merely serves as a band-aid treatment for the larger issue with the potential to fall even further behind on mortgage payments.
Selling a Home without a Realtor

In Current Market, Is Selling a Home without a Realtor Still Possible?

Homeowners are surprised to learn that the majority of homes sold in 2020 weren’t discovered by a realtor, but were instead found online. In fact, 51 percent of home buyers reported finding their homes online in the last year, as opposed to the 28 percent of home buyers who located their properties with the help of a licensed realtor.
Selling a Home without a Realtor

Homeowner’s Guide: Selling a Home without a Realtor

When you consider selling your home in San Antonio, TX, or another city, you should know that you have more than one option to receive the best value for your property. Listing your home on the MLS isn’t the only way to sell a house, and homeowners are discovering new ways to sell every day. Selling a home without a realtor is easier than you think, and there are a few ways to go about the process.
Sell a House for Cash During Divorce

How to Sell a House for Cash During Divorce

Based on reporting at, Texas couples filing for divorce can expect to spend an average of $16,500 on legal services. With children, the average cost of divorce skyrockets to $23,500 per couple. Spouses considering divorce may look at these figures and wonder if it’s a financially feasible decision; you either stand to drain your savings account or face crippling debt.
San Antonio Home Buyers

5 Most Popular Neighborhoods According to San Antonio Home Buyers

2020 Census findings report Bexar County as one of the fastest-growing regions in Texas, second only to Travis County. For long-time San Antonio residents, the evidence is clear; new developments seem to pop up every day, with expansion and multi-million dollar renovation efforts underway across the city to accommodate recent population increases.  While the ongoing … Continued
How to Sell a House Fast

Sell Your House Fast and Get Best Value Before the New Year

If you’re looking to buy or sell your house fast in the current real estate market, terms like “high demand” and “low supply” have no doubt dominated conversations between you and your agent. Home prices have only increased over the last year and a half, and for many homeowners, especially sellers, current market conditions might … Continued
Foreclosure in San Antonio

Homeowner’s Guide: Help with Foreclosure in San Antonio

Local homeowners facing foreclosure, don’t tackle the process alone! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll give homeowners the rundown on everything they need to know about the foreclosure process, from notice of default to the late stages. Help with foreclosure is possible, and now’s the perfect time for seller’s behind on mortgage payments to make the … Continued
Ways to Sell a House for Cash

10 Ways to Sell a House for Cash with Zero Spending on Repairs

First-time house flippers start their projects with a budget in mind, only to find themselves buried in sudden renovation expenses. One upgrade leads to another, costing time and money when there’s an easier way to sell a house for cash in San Antonio or the surrounding area. Sellers with “fixer-uppers” should keep these 10 tips … Continued