5 Most Popular Neighborhoods According to San Antonio Home Buyers

San Antonio home buyers are choosing these popular neighborhoods in 2021!

2020 Census findings report Bexar County as one of the fastest-growing regions in Texas, second only to Travis County. For long-time San Antonio residents, the evidence is clear; new developments seem to pop up every day, with expansion and multi-million dollar renovation efforts underway across the city to accommodate recent population increases. 

While the ongoing improvements are hard to ignore for some, San Antonio home buyers are attracted by the big-city amenities with a small-town feel. It’s this sense of community that makes San Antonio such a desirable location, and one of the reasons why transplants, first-time buyers—and, even Californians—are all choosing San Antonio for their next real estate endeavor. 

It’s a diverse city with diverse offerings, and buyers have over 30 unique suburban areas to choose from for their next San Antonio home. Indulge in the city’s unrivaled shopping scene, explore the area’s rich history, or get lost in the beautiful surrounding hill country with a wide variety of easily accessible parks and trails. With so much to offer and continued growth happening within San Antonio and beyond the city limits, homeowners are beginning to discover Texas’s best-kept secret. 

We’ve narrowed down the 5 most popular areas that San Antonio home buyers are choosing right now, including recent developments and San Antonio mainstays for the widest array of options when it comes to choosing the area for your next home. We’re covering all the reasons why potential homeowners are picking these neighborhoods from the bunch, as well as insights into nearby attractions, highlights, and the value stood to be gained by owning a home in the Greater San Antonio area. Could-be homeowners should remember that they’re still competing in a dense market, and the city is seeing higher demand for housing in certain communities. 

Here Are the 5 Most Popular Neighborhoods According to San Antonio Home Buyers

Alamo Heights 

We’re starting our list with one of San Antonio’s enduring neighborhoods, Alamo Heights. Centrally located just minutes from downtown, Alamo Heights promises its residents a vibrant mix of quaint community and urban flair.

Whether you want to shop local, dine in, or enjoy a bike ride on one of the community’s numerous trailheads, there’s something for every buyer type to discover in Alamo Heights. When you want a night out on the town, just turn to local favorites like the Historic Pearl District or Dignowity Hills for San Antonio staples that can’t be missed. 

Unlike some of the other neighborhoods on this list, Alamo Heights is a long-standing community with deep roots in San Antonio’s history. For San Antonio home buyers seeking a neighborhood with more character than recent developments, Alamo Heights is a location to consider. Residents of the Alamo Heights community never run out of ways to enjoy the city, so it’s no wonder why single owners and families are choosing this spot for their next home. 

Alamo Heights is a great choice for families and single San Antonio home buyers.

Alamo Ranch

The second neighborhood on our list is located on the city’s far northwest side. Although this area has long been known for popular tourist attractions like Sea World and Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio home buyers are discovering the perks of this growing community. 

Comprising one of the city’s largest school districts, Alamo Ranch is a fantastic choice for new families seeking their first home or a long-needed upgrade. Significant development is happening across 1604, along with a master-planned community expected in nearby Castroville. Alamo Ranch residents can enjoy the quiet of the Texas country without sacrificing any modern conveniences, and taking in the surrounding nature is just as easy with Government Canyon State Natural Area located 15 minutes away.


The third neighborhood on our list takes us across San Antonio to the community of Cibolo, a hidden gem that’s finally seeing its heyday. 

Buyers familiar with the area will recognize this large swath of I-35, known for its rolling hills, natural river features, and nearby towns like New Braunfels, Gruene, and San Marcos. Situated just north of the city, Cibolo residents can quickly reach San Antonio thanks to convenient highway access. The area is also seeing major investments from local businesses like Santikos Theaters, Evo Entertainment, and San Antonio favorite Magnolia Pancake Haus. 

Smart home buyers realize that the city’s slowly expanding north, and homeowners should take advantage of available properties before demand reaches its peak. 

Scenic Oaks

Tucked within green crests just outside of Boerne is number four on our list, Scenic Oaks. True to its name, Scenic Oaks features some of the area’s most stunning views and a far-removed feel that’s all its own. 

Residents of this community enjoy the best of both worlds; beyond wild oak trees that define the region are popular shopping and dining destinations like La Cantera and The Rim, only a short drive away! San Antonio home buyers with a flair for the wild are minutes from popular hiking spots like Friedrich Wilderness Area, where you can lose yourself in miles of protected trails that showcase the area’s scenic qualities. 

San Antonio home buyers choose Scenic Oaks for its natural beauty.


Last but not least, the final neighborhood on our list takes us to the city’s Northeast side. Once a popular community, Windcrest is a historic neighborhood that’s having new life breathed into it. 

Of the 5 neighborhoods we’ve featured, Windcrest has experienced the slowest increase in population with 9.3% over the last ten years. Buyers looking for the next big area that hasn’t quite exploded yet are exploring Windcrest as a viable option. 

Windcrest residents will tell you that Windcrest is no suburb at all; look out the window, and you’ll see the downtown skyline less than 10 miles south on I-35. Windcrest homeowners enjoy urban access coupled with the privacy and protection that this distinguished community offers. 

New businesses and developers are also discovering Windcrest; in the last few months, popular food chains Raising Canes and Dutch Brothers Coffee Company have broken ground on their new Windcrest locations, while Century Communities wrapped construction on their new single-family subdivision. 

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Buying a new home is an exciting time, and San Antonio is the perfect location for your next purchase. No matter which neighborhood you choose, there’s something to enjoy in every corner of the city. 

Are you the owner of a home in one of San Antonio’s most popular neighborhoods? We offer San Antonio homeowners cash in exchange for their properties, in almost any condition or location! San Antonio homes are in high demand, and that means now is the best time to sell your home if you’ve considered selling in the past. 

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