How Do I Sell My House Fast for Cash with San Antonio Home Buyers?

Take the stress out of selling your house for cash! San Antonio home buyers are just a click away. Discover how our home value estimate works thanks to our simple 3 step and let us calculate your fair cash offer today.

Step 1

Contact Us

Provide a few details about your home so we can craft our best estimate. We automatically receive your information once you complete our easy online form, and your property info is 100% confidential. Our ability to estimate the best cash offer for your home is based on the information you provide, so please fill out the form to the best of your ability. 

Step 2

Get Your Offer

Receive your FREE no-obligation cash offer in just 24 hours. Once we’ve determined if a cash offer is the best solution for your real estate needs, we’ll reach out by your preferred contact method and present your offer. If you accept, we can begin discussing the next steps of your fast home sale. 

Step 3

Get Paid Fast

Each of our sales is prepared with a simple, easy-to-understand purchase contract. After signing, we’ll establish a timeline for the closing of your home. Closing can typically be completed in 1 week depending on your location and local title companies.  

Texas Home Buyers Group is ready to buy your house for cash, as-is, in any condition! Let us take over the burden of your unwanted property and sell your house for CASH in one of our market states across the U.S.

We buy rural, residential, and commercial buildings throughout San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding area. If you’re curious about selling your home in San Antonio and would like to avoid the hassle and obligation of dealing with a traditional realtor, contact Texas Home Buyers Group for a FAST and FAIR cash offer!

I Need to Sell My House for Cash. San Antonio Home Buyers Can Help?

Do Any of These Situations Sound Familiar:

  • Do you own a vacant or unused home that’s costing money? 
  • Are you tired of paying annual property taxes on an unwanted home?
  • Do you need cash for your home to cover other expenses?
  • Not sure which home buyer to choose, or even where to start?
  • Want to avoid waiting weeks, even months, for your home to sell?

Can’t Choose Between Other “Sell My House for Cash” San Antonio Companies? We Buy Houses for Cash in San Antonio and Across the US!

Texas Home Buyers Group is your number 1 choice for online home buyers. We purchase houses fast for cash in Texas and across the US with our network of professional home investors. We offer our clients years of unrivaled real estate service! If you need to sell your house fast for cash without any hassle, contact Texas Home Buyers Group. Sell your house the easy way and fill out our quick online form for your 24-hour cash offer. After that, we close on your timeline, in as little as 1 week. With Texas Home Buyers Group, you are in control of your home sale, and there are never any commission fees, hidden expenses, or closing costs due at signing. 

What Are the Benefits When I Sell My House Fast for Cash?

When you sell your house fast for cash to Texas Home Buyers Group, you receive all the benefits of a direct home sale.

We Know You’ll Walk Away Happy with These 6 Texas Home Buyers Group Guarantees:

  • All-Cash Offer: Each home sale at Texas Home Buyers Group starts with a 24-hour cash offer. Our home value estimates are 100 percent free and come at no obligation.
  • Fast Closing Times: Every offer from Texas Home Buyers Group is backed by cash—no loan approval or financing required. Once you accept your cash offer, we can close in as little as 1 week.
  • No Closing Costs or Hidden Fees: We’re committed to an easy home sale for ALL clients, and that means removing extra fees and costs that are typically due at signing. In certain situations, we’ll even cover back taxes and liens.
  • No Realtors or Brokers: Sell your home to Texas Home Buyers Group and skip the 6 percent commission fees that you would normally owe a realtor. We’re real estate investors, and we won’t charge you for our services.
  • No Hassle: Decide now’s not the right time to sell your house for cash? No problem. Hang on to your offer from Texas Home Buyers Group and we’ll renegotiate when the time is right.
  • Honest Transaction: At Texas Home Buyers Group, what you see is what you get. Our purchase contracts are drafted with your needs in mind, and there are never any details left off the table. Have a question? Just ask.

I Need to Sell My House Fast for Cash in San Antonio or Another City Due to Personal or Financial Reasons, Is That Possible?

We Help Homeowners in the Following Situations:

  • Homeowners with an unused or unwanted home
  • Landlords dealing with unruly rental tenants
  • Couples filing for divorce 
  • Homeowners facing foreclosure or soon to be in the foreclosure process
  • Recipients of inheritance properties that need a way to sell fast 
  • Homeowners relocating for a new job or another personal reason

No matter the reason for selling your home, we have a solution for every client! Just contact Texas Home Buyers Group for a fair cash offer and then choose your closing date. It’s that easy to sell your house fast for cash in Texas.

STOP searching “how to sell my house fast for cash” and START your home sale with a 24-hour cash offer from Texas Home Buyers Group.

Do I Have to Pay a Realtor to Sell My House for Cash? San Antonio Home Buyers Will Cut Out the Middleman!

If you’ve tried selling your home only to hit a roadblock or two along the way, you’re not alone. Maybe you’ve even tried calling a real estate agent.

Selling a house the traditional way with an agent isn’t the best solution for every homeowner. There can be lots of pitfalls when selling a house with a realtor or broker, like:

  • Binding contracts that tie you to an agent for a certain term
  • Bank loans falling through on the buyer’s end
  • Clean up and repairs
  • Finding a trusted agent who can deliver on their promise to sell your house quickly
  • Last-minute pull-outs or cancelations
  • Piles of paperwork that require signing
  • Shuffling legal documents back and forth from the buyer to the agent, to you, and back again

These issues can add months to the process, and even after paying costly agent fees, there’s no guarantee you’ll end up ahead of the game.

I’m Ready to Sell My House for Cash. San Antonio Home Buyers Offer These Great Benefits. See How We Compare…

 Listing with AgentSelling to Texas Home Buyers Group
Commissions + Fees:6%+ in commissions + agent fees, administrative costs, etc.NONE
Closing Costs:2%+ is paid by the sellerNONE (we take care of all costs)
Average Time Until Sold:+/- 6 months1-7 business days (or as long as you need to decide)
Closing Date:+/- 30-60 days after accepting an offerDate of YOUR CHOICE
Time Invested:Weeks, potentially monthsApproximately 1 week

Sell My House Fast for Cash FAQS

Is Texas Home Buyers Group Similar to a Traditional Real Estate Agency? 

We’re not real estate agents, we’re real estate investors who purchase homes for long-term investment purposes. We’re not in the business of finding your home buyer—we are the buyer. We won’t list your home on the MLS, saving you time and money in a way that traditional realtors can’t offer. 

Will I Receive a Fair Price When I Sell My House Fast for Cash? 

Part of the value we offer sellers is a fast, hassle-free, cash closing under flexible terms. Each offer we generate reflects your home’s full market value with our services to bring you a deal that solves your real estate problems fast. 

Little or no equity? We can often negotiate a discount with your lender, and we’ll even factor in any back taxes you might owe so you can keep money in your pocket. 

How is My Cash Offer Calculated?

Your cash offer is generated with just a few pieces of property information. Although not all fields of the online form are required, our ability to craft the best cash offer for your home in a timely manner is based on how many details you provide.  

Will Selling My House to Texas Home Buyers Group Cost Any Money?

There are no commissions or hidden fees when you sell to us. We’ll even cover closing costs to make your home sale as fast and affordable as possible. 

Our goal is to help homeowners who need to sell for cash without the expenses of a traditional realtor. Our home buying process saves you money while putting cash in your pocket to put toward your next real estate endeavor. 

Is There Any Commitment When I Submit the Online Form?

Your cash offer is zero obligation, guaranteed! Our online form is 100 percent free to sellers, and there’s never any hassle to close once you receive your offer. 

If you decide now’s not the best time to sell, we’re happy to negotiate a new cash offer with you at a later date. 

How Is Texas Home Buyers Group Different From Other “Sell My House for Cash” San Antonio Companies?

At Texas Home Buyers Group, we work differently.  There’s no hassle, no fees, and no gimmicks. We’ll provide you with a fair, all-cash offer on your home within 24 hours of submitting your request. Then, you decide if it’s a fit. It’s that simple.

After that, we close on your terms. Is your house a “fixer-upper”? NO problem! We’ll make the repairs for you. Since we buy direct for cash, we don’t rely on traditional bank financing—that means we can close in as little as 7 days!

We help property owners just like you, in all kinds of situations:

  • Dealing with the death of a family member
  • Filing for divorce or planning to file for divorce
  • Going through or soon to face foreclosure

Have another reason for selling your home that’s not listed above? Texas Homebuyers Group is ready to help!

Get a Free Home Value Estimate and Discover the Better Way to Sell Your House for Cash!

No matter your situation, timeframe, or the condition of your house, we can help you sell your home fast.

To get started, just provide some basic information about your home. Fill out the form below, or call and discuss your property first! 210-910-4468

We review each submission carefully, and we typically provide your all-cash offer within 1 business day. If you accept, we can close on your schedule in as little as 1 week! There’s never any hassle—just an easy transaction.

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