Sell Your House Fast and Get Best Value Before the New Year

If you’re looking to buy or sell your house fast in the current real estate market, terms like “high demand” and “low supply” have no doubt dominated conversations between you and your agent. Home prices have only increased over the last year and a half, and for many homeowners, especially sellers, current market conditions might seem like the gift that keeps on giving—until now. 

According to a recent article published at Apartment Therapy, the bubble isn’t preparing to burst, but home prices could stabilize with the welcome of the new year. Reports of record-high home values are predicted to drop off in 2022, with some experts calling for pre-pandemic levels of appreciation. Coupled with forecasts for marginally higher interest rates, buyers are looking at their opportunity to finally win a bid on the home they’ve been waiting for. 

So what do these predictions mean for buyers and sellers in the current real estate climate? Most importantly, it’s still a seller’s market. For reluctant sellers, this could be the signal you’ve been waiting for, especially if you’ve considered selling your house fast in recent months. Housing prices aren’t expected to decline until the end of the holiday season, which means sellers can still take advantage of current market highs in many cities. 

If You’re a Seller Who’s Waited to Sell Your House Fast Until Now, Don’t Wait Any Longer. You Can Still Receive the Highest Value for Your Home Before 2022.

In light of next year’s predictions, what can you do if you’re ready to sell your house fast today? homeowners who are ready to sell their houses for the best value should consider capitalizing on the current market while they still can. Supply is expected to remain scarce compared to recent years, but predictions call for stabilized demand and lower housing costs across most markets. This presents the perfect opportunity for homeowners to receive the best value for their homes while prices are up! 

Sellers who receive the highest value for their home in 2021 will have buying power into 2022 with lower housing costs, meaning a better chance at finding the right home in their price range. Although a marginal increase in interest rates is predicted, lower housing prices and demand are expected to counteract those figures. 

Keep in mind, next year’s predictions are relative—these dips in value are referred to as a correction, not a crash. Potential buyers can still expect to see higher home prices when compared to recent years, but the market may prove more accessible to people who were outbid in 2021.

How are sellers affected in the current market? If you’ve wanted to sell your house fast in recent months, all signs point toward now as the time to act! 

Homeowners, Sell Your House for More and Buy for Less in 2022!

Next year’s predicted corrections are partly contributed to increases in supply following market lows in 2021. As a result, the market could experience less demand as more affordable home prices open up to buyers who were outbid this year. 

Right now, sellers can receive the highest value for their homes and walk away with a profit. Don’t wait until more inventory comes online in 2022—capitalize on current market demand while prices are in the seller’s favor. 

With these predictions in mind, there are still a couple of valid reasons homeowners might decide to hold off on selling until 2022 or later. The current market is best suited to sellers who want to sell fast for the best value with a plan in place for their subsequent home purchase. For sellers who aren’t so sure about next moves, however, the future remains uncertain. 

Demand Is Still Strong

Perhaps the largest obstacle facing sellers without a solid game plan are the calls for lingering demand into 2022. Remember, these adjusted market corrections are compared to 2021, when demand is at its highest. With other buyers entering the market next year, sellers don’t want to find themselves searching for their next home with little in the ways of alternatives. 

To avoid this mistake, sellers should strategize a post-sale plan before deciding to sell. The current market offers great promise, but sellers should avoid any rash decisions that have the potential to backfire later on. Instead, decide if it’s the right time to sell according to your own personal and financial circumstances, and whether or not the value to be gained from a sale now is enough to help purchase your next home in the future. 

If You Want a Custom Build, Reconsider 

One point emphasized by Apartment Therapy and across the market is continued building supply shortages. For most of 2021, lumber has been short in supply and high in cost, while other building materials like windows and doors are seeing scarcity by reports of up to eighty-seven percent. 

If you plan on completing a custom build for your next home, it could prove wise to hold off on selling your current property until you’ve broken ground and there’s a completion date marked on the calendar.

Tip: If you want to take advantage of the current hot market and sell your house fast without compromising on a custom home build, consider renting as a temporary solution. For many sellers transitioning from tract housing to a custom build, rentals are a convenient and easy holding place while construction’s underway.

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