10 Ways to Sell a House for Cash with Zero Spending on Repairs

Sell a house for cash in San Antonio and spend ZERO on repairs with these 10 useful tips!

First-time house flippers start their projects with a budget in mind, only to find themselves buried in sudden renovation expenses. One upgrade leads to another, costing time and money when there’s an easier way to sell a house for cash in San Antonio or the surrounding area. Sellers with “fixer-uppers” should keep these 10 tips in mind.

Contrary to what an audience sees on television, trying to sell a home in need of a little TLC doesn’t have to cost a fortune. New flooring, custom kitchens, the finest furnishings; it’s easy to get caught up in the production of reality TV. For most homeowners trying to sell a house for cash, however, expensive renovations just aren’t feasible. Sellers put down the hardhats, and don’t start knocking in walls or tearing down cabinets just yet.

There’s a simpler way to sell a house for cash in San Antonio or the surrounding area, with almost ZERO spending on repairs. Instead of hanging on to a property that needs renovations, this guide gives practical solutions for selling a fixer-upper without breaking the bank on improvements.

Learn how to sell “fixer-upper” houses for cash, without any repairs or renovations. Although the strategy for selling differs slightly, with these tips, getting rid of a fixer-upper in San Antonio, TX has never been easier! Don’t spend time and money on costly upgrades, only to turn around and spend even more money on a realtor.

10 Ways to Sell a House for Cash with Almost Zero Spending on Repairs!

Don't spend time and money repairing your fixer-upper, sell a house for cash in San Antonio to Texas Home Buyers Group instead!

1. Make Realistic Repairs

To increase the chances of selling a fixer-upper home for cash, there are several relatively inexpensive repairs that can make a strong impact. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way!

Repairing holes in the walls, adding new shingles, cleaning the carpets and yard, plus updating fixtures are all great ways to fix up the house without breaking the bank. Curb appeal has a major impact on a potential buyer’s perception of the home. If their initial impression is a neat and tidy house, the client will have a more open mind when viewing the rest of the home.

2. Don’t Get Personal

Many people buy a house intending to flip it, but they start redesigning it as if they were going to live there themselves.

Don’t spend weeks deciding on the perfect carpets or paint colors. Avoid any expensive finishes or other high-priced accents. The bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be perfect, it simply has to be functional. Major cosmetic improvements are better left to the buyer who intends to actually live in the home. Most buyers will prefer choosing their own accents anyway.

All improvements should be done economically and in as short of a timeframe as possible. When it comes to flipping houses, time really is money!

3. Get Your House in Front of Serious Cash Buyers

There are several easy ways to get a house in front of cash buyers when selling a fixer-upper in San Antonio. Networking in investment and real estate groups is a great place to start!

Get the word out about the property and help people see its potential value. Run the numbers and let buyers see what it will cost to repair in comparison to the value of the property when it’s complete. Being able to communicate the value of a home to potential buyers is crucial when selling a fixer-upper for cash in San Antonio.

4. Avoid the Kitchen and Bath

We know, “the kitchen and bath sell a home.” 

Sometimes. However, people would rather pick out their own bathroom tiles or backsplash than have someone do it for them. Fix things that are damaged, but don’t spend money on an entire kitchen or bath renovation. Instead, spend money on new lighting fixtures, drawer pulls, and faucets. There are many small changes and improvements that will give the kitchen and bath a facelift, without breaking the bank.

5. Play Up What’s Good

Even if a fixer-upper has areas that require major improvements before it’s ready to sell for cash, owners should still find appealing features that can be played up to possible buyers. Maybe the home is in a great location or includes custom, built-in cabinetry. Focus on the positive and the potential of the property once it has been fixed. Accentuate attractive features of the home!

6. Leave The Basement Unfinished

The expense of finishing a basement will have an adverse effect on ARV (After Repair Value). Sellers will not see a return on investment that will ever make finishing cost-effective in a flip.

Instead, leave an unfinished basement as-is. The new homeowner can choose how they would like to use the space. Many will appreciate being able to set up and design the area to meet their needs. Some people will use it as a family gathering area, where others will use it as an office or gym.

No matter how it is used, properly finishing the walls, floors and ceilings can be a daunting and expensive task!

7. Be Upfront

While sellers should play up the good features if they want to sell a house for cash in San Antonio or the surrounding area, full transparency is a must when disclosing any major issues about the house. It’s better to address necessary repairs head-on, as opposed to waiting until the inspection’s complete. Doing anything otherwise is an invitation for possible buyer retaliation in the future.

In short, warning a buyer of needed repairs is the right thing to do. By disclosing ALL the details surrounding a fixer-upper, sellers are more likely to find a committed buyer who’s willing to take on the project—without any expensive repairs.

8. Never Add a Pool or Spa

Adding a pool or a spa to a fixer-upper is like throwing money away! This is another renovation that sellers should leave to the discretion of the buyer. The costs can be great, without any significant return on the final sale price. While sellers might think a pool would look great in the backyard, the buyer might not share the same vision, and the money can be much better spent when trying to sell a house for cash in Texas.

9. Call for Offers and Wait

One strategy many sellers use is direct contact with potential buyers. When a seller calls for offers and waits, they’re widely advertising the property for virtually no cost. Get the message out and start making calls!

Set a specific date as to when an offer will be accepted—this will create a sense of urgency, potentially attracting multiple investors to a home with competitive offers. By utilizing direct contact, sellers can skip renovations and bring buyers to their doorstep.

10. Keep Landscaping Simple

Simple touches can have a huge impact.

In many cases, simply pulling a few weeds and trimming back hedges and trees will dramatically change the appearance of an overgrown property. Sellers can give the property instant curb appeal simply by adding a few flowers or cleaning up the front door and mailbox. Do not invest money in professional landscaping or design. This is another project better left to the next buyer.

During any house flip, it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. Most construction projects will ultimately exceed your timeframe or budget. If sellers plan ahead for this, they can be assured there won’t be any large bumps down the road.

Still wondering if fixer-upper repairs are necessary before trying to sell a house for cash? For most sellers, the answer is no. We’ll share one final tip: sell a house for cash with ZERO spending on repairs and sell to Texas Home Buyers Group!

Here at Texas Home Buyers Group, we buy fixer-uppers for CASH in San Antonio. Our goal is to help homeowners sell their house fast, for cash—no matter what shape it’s in. After closing, we partner with local affiliates to repair your home so it’s move-in ready for the next happy homeowner!

That means no repair costs, AND no closing costs—we do the work, so you don’t have to.

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