The Pros and Cons of Cash Home Buyers in San Antonio

Discover the pros and cons of working with cash home buyers in San Antonio and decide if a cash offer is right for you.
We’ll cover the top 5 pros and cons of working with cash home buyers in San Antonio, plus tips on picking the right buyer for your cash offer.

Selling a home in 2021 is more convenient than ever. Thanks to sites like OpenDoor, Offerpad, and Zillow, homeowners can get an offer for their property in minutes. Sellers also have the option to partner with a traditional realtor, and the vast majority still do so—up to 90 percent according to the National Association of Realtors

Despite 6 percent commission fees, sellers still view real estate agencies as the most trustworthy method of selling their homes, but is that finally changing? With the rise of online buyers and iBuyers, homeowners are slowly warming to the idea of selling their homes without a realtor. Online buyers and iBuyers typically pay cash, the process is simple, and closing is fast; it’s no wonder these companies are gaining popularity. 

If you’re ready to sell your home, deciding which route to choose can be difficult. The market is flooded with options, and everywhere you turn there’s a different opinion online. How can homeowners wade through the junk in order to make the most informed decision? 

Many sellers are tempted to work with quick cash home buyers, but the offers seem too good to be true. The reality is that most cash home buying companies are honest companies like any other. Just like working with a traditional realtor, selling your home to cash home buyers in San Antonio has its advantages and disadvantages, and one method does not present more inherent risk than the other. Rather, cash home buyers are the best fit for certain situations, and sometimes working with a cash home buyer is the perfect solution to your financial needs. 

We’re diving into the top 5 pros and cons of choosing cash home buyers in San Antonio with practical tips on how to pick the right buyer for the best offer. Finding the right buyer can be difficult when there are so many options online—but not anymore. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of cash home buyers in San Antonio. 

Selling your home to cash home buyers in San Antonio has many benefits, including an all-cash and fast closing times!

Pros of Choosing Cash Home Buyers in San Antonio

1. Easy Application Process

The entire cash home buying process can be completed in just 3 easy steps:

  • Fill out our form and provide a few details about your home so we can craft our best estimate.
  • Receive your cash offer in just 24 hours and agree on your terms.
  • Get the cash you need now. We close on your schedule, in as little as 1 week.

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2. All-Cash Offer 

One of the biggest benefits of working with cash home buyers is just as the name suggests; when you deal with direct home buyers, you receive cash for your property. This is an unbeatable value for homeowners who need money now, especially to cover existing mortgage debt or other property expenses. 

At Texas Home Buyers Group, each of our offers is backed 100 percent by cash. From the moment you submit your property information, you can guarantee that we’ll come back with a lump-sum offer for your home. 

3. Fast Closing Times 

The first point of interest for many sellers when approaching cash buyers is the quick closing process. Unlike selling with a traditional realtor, industry giants like Zillow and OpenDoor can have an offer for homeowners within days, even minutes, and the entire selling process can be completed from a phone or computer. For homeowners who just want to sell fast without the hassle of a traditional realtor, cash home buyers offer a valuable incentive that appeals to the buyer seeking quick solutions. 

When you sell your home to Texas Home Buyers Group, you receive the same fast experience that other home buyers offer. We’ll have your estimate within 24 hours, and you can trust that our team has taken the time to calculate a number that reflects the value of your home and the services we offer. That’s fast closings at your fingertips! 

4. No Financing or Loan Approval 

When you sell your home to direct buyers, you remove the necessity for financing and loan approval. We pay out-of-pocket so you don’t have to wait on a buyer to secure their home loan, only for the lender to deny their application. 

Sell to Texas Home Buyers Group and skip all of the loans, banks, and lenders—just deal with our team of in-house investment experts. We’ll cover the entire buying process from start to finish, and your lump-sum cash payment is the first and last time you’ll deal with any finances.

5. No Commission or Hidden Fees

Perhaps the biggest drawback of working with a traditional realtor is the commission due at signing. Realtor commission now sits at 6 percent of your total purchase, which could add to tens of thousands in lost profits depending on the price of your home. This doesn’t include buyer-realtor commissions that are often overlooked!

When you choose cash home buyers in San Antonio, you won’t owe any commissions at signing. Most cash home buyers aren’t real estate agents—they’re real estate investors. We cut out the middle man so you save money! Since we buy your home directly, you don’t have to rely on the services of a realtor to find your buyer. That means big savings! 

Have reservations about selling to cash home buyers in San Antonio? Contact Texas Home Buyers Group today! We're standing by to answer your questions.

Cons of Choosing Cash Home Buyers in San Antonio

1. Cash Offer vs. Market Value

Compare a cash home buyer’s offer to the price a traditional realtor can fetch, and homeowners start to wonder if a cash offer reflects their home’s highest market value.

While it’s true that an offer from a cash home buyer might appear smaller on paper, sellers should consider the money they stand to save by choosing cash home buyers in San Antonio. Commissions, closing costs, and other expenses—all of that is eliminated when you work with direct home buyers. Factor in these costs to your home’s market value, and some homeowners are surprised to discover that they actually stand to make more money with a cash home buyer when it’s all said and done. 

We pride ourselves on providing each client with a fair offer that reflects their home’s value. 

2. Not All Cash Offer Companies Operate the Same 

The unfortunate truth is that not all cash home buyers are made equal. Most sellers have been wary of working with direct home buyers until recently, and it’s the hard work of honest real estate investors that has opened sellers to all the benefits of a cash home sale. 

Ill-intentioned home buyers do exist, and these bad few can ruin the experience for all sellers. We pride ourselves on transparent and honest communication with our clients from day one! Have a question or comment? Contact us! We’re standing by and happy to address your concerns. 

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3. Too Many Local Options

With cash home buyers growing in favor, sellers are seeing more and more buyers enter the market. Although this can make it harder to choose a buyer, it also provides sellers with plenty of choices when it comes to their cash offer! 

If you don’t like the cash offer one company provides, you can easily price check with another local cash buyer in San Antonio or elsewhere. Your cash estimate from Texas Home Buyers Group is entirely free with zero obligation so you can easily compare offers from multiple investors to find the cash price that’s right for you. 

4. Cash Buyers vs. Qualified Realtors

When you hear the term “real estate investors,” you probably imagine outdated Craigslist ads that used to dominate the cash home buying market. Plenty of sellers have made legitimate money selling their homes on local listing sites, but some unlucky homeowners have also fallen prey to dishonest buyers. 

Qualified realtors are easier to verify than anonymous buyers on Craigslist or Facebook, that’s why we work hard to provide the same professional experience you’d receive with a realtor. 

5. Enough to Cover Existing Debts?

If you’re behind on your mortgage and want to sell fast to avoid foreclosure, cash home buyers in San Antonio are a great option for you. You can receive cash to put toward any debt you may owe, and you may even have some leftover to put toward your future home purchase! 

The benefits you stand to receive from a cash home buyer are dependent on how much you owe on your mortgage. The longer you wait, the less you can expect to save when you receive your cash payment. Don’t fall further behind and owe your lender more money, sell your home now and manage your debt while it’s still possible! 

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Now that you understand the pros and cons of working with cash home buyers in San Antonio, hopefully you’ve discovered that Texas Home Buyers Group is a great option for sellers who want fast cash for their homes. 

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